The Hawke’s Bay Addiction Centre Trust owns the property known as “Springhill” in a quiet, peaceful setting in Napier. The property comprises a 15 bed residential accommodation building, therapy and consulting rooms and a vocational wing.  The property is leased to the Hawkes Bay District Health Board.

The HBDHB run an eight week residential treatment programme at “Springhill” for those suffering alcohol and other drug addictions.

Springhill offers treatment to a diverse range of people recovering from alcohol and drug dependence. Each attendee commits to the programme voluntarily, all have a large vulnerability and require treatment in a safe and therapeutic environment.

Residents examine attitudes to themselves and others, creating lifestyle benefits for those who regain control of their lives and return to their families, communities and work place.

The Springhill location is discrete, peaceful and therapeutic. For residents and staff, community support and goodwill is a major advantage to the programme.

The Trust is comprised of visionary people and acts as a benevolent landlord and caretaker for this invaluable community resource.

We thank you for your interest and support. We hope that this web site provides you with a greater insight into the facility provided by the Trust and the programme that operates from the site.