“I am twenty two years old and addicted to crystal methamphetamine”

In high school I was a high achiever and a perfectionist. In the school leaver’s year book it said I would be remembered for my “big and bubbly laugh”. Although I felt powerful and high on drugs, I don’t remember laughing.

I tried meth for the first time after I turned twenty one and smoked it every day after that. Very quickly my life turned chaotic and centered around drugs. Words cannot describe the despair and loneliness I felt at times.

I started the twelve week programme at Springhill for many reasons. Largely because I didn’t want to end up like a friend who killed herself because of the mess meth had made of her life.
The staff went beyond their duties to help me with an abuse issue from my childhood I had never dealt with. The beautiful old building, daily beach walks and group therapy are some aspects of the programme that made Springhill a place of healing for me.

It is due to the things I faced in rehab that I feel I am well equipped to deal with whatever life throws at me. I have goals for the future and coping strategies to use when I am triggered to pick up drugs. I believe Springhill saved my life, and it taught me how to laugh again.

– Former resident