“I Could Not Stop Drinking On My Own”

The Springhill residential programme has been an integral part of my recovery. I did many destructive things as a result of my drinking and drug use; my life was a total mess. My children had been taken from me, and I had lost my job and most of my friends. I thought the only way out was to die.

I have always found relationships and relating to others a major problem. Living in a house with others just like me, having structure, rules and consequences; this was exactly what I needed. If I had to go back to my own home, after a day of dealing with traumatic events, I don’t think I would be where I am today.

My time at Springhill was highly challenging. I’ve learned different coping strategies. I can communicate with others in a healthy way; I’m no longer stuck in the past and in fear of the future. I no longer blame everyone else for my problems. Yes, I do actually still have those, my life isn’t perfect and trouble free; it’s just that now I have the tools to deal with things, without turning to drink or drugs.

My life is quite different now. My children are allowed to come and stay with me, I was asked back to my old job, and I now know what it is to be happy.

– Former resident